the nine bright shiners

Every couple of years I always fall back onto the Clex ship. And then I’m like 

I hate myself.

Hello! I adORE your art and I just very very recently got a tablet. I was wondering (and I know this an incredibly novice question), for things like the colour palette challenges, how do you GET the colours? I know the answer is probably really obvious but pleaseeeee from youreallyarefantastic

I actually…. use… wait, I don’t understand the question. 

You mean the eyedropper? In photoshop, if you hold down the option key (or alt, I guess) your cursor will turn into an eyedropper and you can pick the colour from something else.  If you hold down the opt key and drag your cursor from photoshop to something outside of it (such as your desktop or chrome) you can also pick any colour on your desktop, so you don’t even need to open up the file in photoshop. 

Hi. So I saw your little zine with Steve and Bucky and how you're gonna be at Fan Expo Toronto and I was wondering in what vicinity. You in artist alley? 'Cause I would love to come buy the zine <3 from pan-oramic

I won’t be there but bisouette will!! She is at table a376 near the food court!!!