the nine bright shiners

i remember when you were reading through jjba.. a long time ago... and i was wondering if you are watching/have watched the anime! or if you have any interest in it.. from Anonymous

It’s up to part 2 right now right? I may watch it when it gets to part 3! 

Hello, I was a bit surprised to see that the Teen Wolf zines are also no longer available in your store. I was wondering if you plan on putting them up again when/if you put up your Captain America zine? from cockvenger

Sorry, I am retiring that zine. I still have a handful that I will sell at cons, but other than that I will no longer sell it. 

My. Store →

I reopened my store with a couple of new things I’ve mentioned before. Which doesn’t include the zine unfortunately. Most of these items are pre-order as now that I’ve gotten a good look at the quality I want to know how many I need to print. Con season is almost over so I’ll probably only get as many as I need, so check it out if you’ve been eyeing some of my con merc!

summercomfort replied to your post: SHAPES.

That’s pretty awesome! what gave you the idea for this? (it probably took tons of research/rewatching of TFA..?)

Earlier that day, my friend stuffilikeontheinterwebs sent me a site that takes a list of locations and connects them to make a site. The idea is that you connect the cities that are meaningful to you and make jewelry and whatnot out of it. I can’t remember what the site was. 

Anyway I was lying in bed that night trying to fall asleep and it just hit me like a freight train.  I’m pretty sure I texted Bisouette to tell her about it too. It was 3AM. 

Regarding the cities, I think it just took an hour or two of intense googling.


Geometric ones! 

Okay, finally I am getting around to making this post.  So a little while back I was flipping my shit over the fact that tumblr won’t let me make more than 10 image photoset.  That is completely irrelevant to this post. 

I also mentioned that there is a geometric shape that pops up through the magical zine that we had worked on: 

This shape also pops up a few times inside the book. 

Why, what a curious shape, pilot-s! I would love to know the origins of this fascinating yet beautiful geometric shape! 

Yes, I am sure you would. Settle down now. 

Are you ready? Are you sitting?  

With the shape, if you superimpose it onto a map of Europe, it actually traces each city that the Howling Commandos have been to during their campaign: 

Actually, I’m not even sure if those are all the cities, but it was all the ones I could find.  I think where Bucky fell off the train is pretty… unconfirmed? At least, I couldn’t find any information on it. 

So yeah! That’s the thing I was super excited to post and couldn’t.  HERE IT IS, I GUESS. 

Man it’s way lamer than I thought it was now that I’ve typed it all out. 

"These are the things he aren't": 'aren't' should be 'isn't'. Other than that, the comic is flawless and I adore it. Really well done. from fieldbears

Yeah, I didn’t notice that until my sis pointed it out after I posted it all.  I mentioned it in the post, and at this point I doubt I’ll go back and fix it. Thanks for letting me know, though!